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Increased Revenue $207,000 in 6 Months for Ecom Brand

Company - American Farm Company

ecommerce seo case study for american farm company

Now known as AmericanFarmCompany.com (after our redirect in Jan 2023), we grew their traffic from just under 800 per month to well over 2,000 organic visitors a month! That’s a 267% increase and with that, added over $207,000 in revenue in just six months! See the Google Search Console results as well below! Currently, they have over 4,000 monthly visitors (almost a 500% increase)!

ecom seo case study of american farm company

This e-commerce SEO opportunity is a speciality of ours. We know how to optimize product pages and keywords as well as fix the technical side of things that is a huge ranking factor for ecommerce stores.

$80,000 Increase with SEO!

And 0-12,000 Views in Three Months!

Company - LettrLabs.com

LettrLabs, a digital marketing company reached out to bolster their website traffic. They had NONE. After a few weeks of working with their team, we saw progress. A month later we were seeing 5,000 visits a month. Worked them up to consistently over 10,000 organic visitors a month….and they closed an $80,000 DEAL BECAUSE OF SEO!!

Increase Organic Traffic Over 400%

Company - Cabs Autism

We started fixing the entire foundation of SEO for Cabs Autism, as well as providing strategies and content ideas for them to rank higher. Increased numerous pages to page one on Google and their traffic soared.

Organic Traffic Increase Over 1000%

Company - Yeye's Insurance

This SEO client went from nothing to something after working with us. They had little to no organic traffic monthly and after our redesign, re-optimizng pages for targeted keywords and content strategy they gained close to 300 new visitors a month and closed more clients.

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