About Us

Welcome to Makarios Marketing,
A Digital Marketing Agency

Our company specializes in driving new, organic traffic to your website!

If you aren’t seeing results from your current efforts or other business, give us a call today and schedule a free SEO consult call. 

Who Are We

Our Founder, Jason Davis wanted to create a space where new entrepreneurs could meet and work alongside powerful business to help them achieve their goals. Together, they would both benefit. 

Customer First

We are so excited to help our customers succeed and grow.

You will be the first priority and we will limit or turn down other businesses to prioritize yours.

What We Do

Our SEO Process



No SEO project is the same. There is no template for every company. We dig in and learn about YOU and your goals.



With your help we define areas of your business that are preventing you from reaching your goals. 



We find the best Key Performance Indicators to target to reach your business goals and lay them out for you to see. We don’t hide anything.



Each strategy and business is different. If someone else hands you pre-packaged plans, run. This is about a long-term strategy for YOU.



The first month is what we plan for, then we adjust. You can’t tell what will happen with Google and traffic six months from now. We always look to improve and adapt.



Lastly, you received what we promised to deliver. SEO optimized content, on-page and off-page improvements as well as whatever else our agreement entailed.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of certified SEO experts and have almost ten years of building successful, modern websites.

We care about YOU. We work tirelessly to get your the best results we can. We win when you win.

We have over seven years of experience in this field. Jason, worked with a advertising company full time and made them over one million dollars a year in online sales.

It’s simple. More organic traffic to the right pages equals more sales.

Our websites stack up against anymore. Check out our past projects and see for yourself.

Would you like to start a project with us?

What is the delay? You’ve seen the proof. One call today can change your business and your life. Let’s chat!