Three Steps to Use Social Media Ads for Business

Three Steps to Use Social Media Ads for Business

Let’s say you are a new business and want to get started with social media advertisements. Or, you are a business that has built a brand built and wants to reach more clients and grow your sales. You hear about social media advertisements, and you want to start because you hear it’s a good idea and they can really work. But you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and potentially waste your money with no return.

No fear, we will show you a plan proven to work. It takes three steps and is very simple to begin. Let’s start. Here are some brief steps on how to get started. There’s plenty more we’ll address in other posts.

Step One – Awareness of your Business/Brand

Especially if you are starting out, people need to know you and more importantly, trust you. Have you ever bought something online from someone you don’t know? Probably not. The same thing applies here.

Use a social media ad to share information with your audience. Build trust with them. Share with them a tip or trick about your niche, or give them a demonstration of your product. Show them why you are trustworthy and why your product will help. Give them something for stopping their scroll and looking at your ad (free template, top tips, guide, free call…etc). Remember to collect email addresses when you do this (still the best way to grow).

Step Two – Consideration of your Product/Service

Next, after customers become aware of you, you need to get the product in front of them. This is another ad (preferably a video) with your product in front of them. Show them an unboxing, or give them step-by-step instructions to set it up. Or it could be a video explaning the top ways this will improve their life.

Create this ad and run it after 2-3 weeks of your first engagement ad and retarget the same people who saw your first ad. If you run a video ad first, target people who watched at least three seconds of your first video.

Step Three – Converting on Ads

This is the easy part. Once you had introduced yourself to your audience, built their trust and shown them your product, now you go in for the sale. This is where you give your best offer. Develop an ad to close people. Hit on some of their objections but more so on why your product of service is superior.

To make it even harder to resist, give them an offer (free shipping or discount) if they order within a certain time frame. You want to close them while they are watching your ad. Don’t think they’ll come back after.

Other helpful Social Media Advertising Tips

  1. Videos are better than still images, but if you can’t get a video make sure to use GIPHY or other websites that can add a moving image to your image to make it more like a video
  2. Shooting videos on your phone in your office or workspace is fine. The more TikTok reel the ad, the better
  3. Make sure to use a look-a-like audience when you target people, as they are more likely to buy something similar to what they already use or know.
  4. When targeting, make sure the audience is over 1 million. Like Facebook (Meta) do the work of finding the best customers (they will do a better job than you)
  5. The thing with the audience is now with the apple privacy updates you want your audience to be as large as possible.

    Those are some tips. Good luck.

    Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.

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