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Facebook ads for Business

One of our key specialties at Makarios Marketing is running Facebook ads for businesses. Before you tell us you’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work, or it’s a waste of money, hear us out. In the world we live in today, posting to social media only gets you so far. You need to pay for your product to be in front of millions of eyes as quickly as possible. And it helps that Facebook (Meta) algorithm will find the best customers for you.

But before you just load up your credit card information and start spending hundreds of dollars, you need a plan. Here’s where we come in. We are specialized in running ads and have seen success in this area. There are three steps you need to do in order to succeed. Otherwise, as many of you know, you lose a lot of money, quickly.

Let us help you.

Step One – Ad Awareness

Before you even think of getting a sale, you need to make people aware of you and even more so, trust you. If you read our last blog post, trust is very important to getting sales. Very few people will come across your ad and buy something the first time they “meet” you.

Studies show most sales close after the 7th call or view (we can speed that up a bit). But it won’t come after the first one. The customer needs to get to know you, see what you are about and if they trust you, AND if the product will benefit them at all.

Throwing up an ad saying our cleaning product will work for you, isn’t getting anyone pulling out their wallets.

Your first ad needs to be an introduction. Who are you, what do you do, and how can you help them. Give them a free guide for entering an email. Or show a video on three tips in your niche. Show them you’re easygoing, trustworthy, and know what you’re talking about.

Step Two – Consideration

Now, you go back and retarget everyone who watched your ad for at least three seconds. Show them this ad that talks about your product and more important, HOW IT BENEFITS the customer. Don’t spend all your time talking about the amazing features of the product. People don’t care about that. They want to know how it will help them.

Will the product get them more leads so they have time to do other things? Will the product vacuum the floor for them so they can spend more time with their kids? Get the picture? Have them start visualizing how their lives will be different with this ad. Make them see they need it and their lives will be easier because of it.

Step Three – Ads that Close

We’ve reached the final destination. The customer is aware of you, hopefully trusting you a bit. They’ve seen your product and how it will benefit them, now the close. This is the last ad and it is your best.

You come in with your best offer. This ad covers a few concerns people have, removing them out of the way and it’s a limited-time offer deal. The sooner they buy, the better. At this point, they are ready to make a purchase if you sell them well. You also need great copy to grab their emotions and hook them. You can’t just write anything and hope it works.

Use this ad and retarget everyone who connected with the second ad (as well as the first one). We will mainly close the people who saw the second ad, but hitting those who saw the first ad won’t hurt either.

This strategy is exactly how successful marketing people win, just ask Gary Vee.

Don’t Want To Do it Yourself – We Run Ads

Talk with us at Makarios Marketing and we can help run your ad campaign. We have success stories from companies just like you who are growing because our of services. Writing copy can be hard and mainly people don’t want to do it. We love doing it and are here to help.

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