How to Increase Leads with SEO for Coaches : A Guide

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Accessing new clients for your coaching website can be difficult. Oftentimes when people are searching for help on a particular topic, Google prefers to provide them with self-help articles or instructional guides. But what they really need is professional coaching services. So how do you circumvent that as a coach? The answer is implementing SEO for coaches. 

In this article, we will go over how to add search engine optimization to your content that will benefit you as a coach who provides coaching as a service online. 

What Does SEO for Coaches Look Like?

Coaches require a certain specific approach to SEO that is different from your average SEO strategy. As we mentioned, Google prefers to direct people to quick solutions rather than coaching websites where they can receive long-term help and advice. 

In this way, SEO for coaches is more focused on making improvements to your individual website. Other SEO strategies instead choose to optimize keywords for success. While optimizing keywords is helpful, this is likely not going to do as much for you as improving your website will. 

Other ways that coaches can uniquely perform SEO is to establish a more recognizable brand. This is something that we will touch on later!

Why is SEO for Coaches Important?

Online visibility is especially important to coaches and online business owners. Without SEO, the amount of clients that will find you through organic traffic is likely to be low. 

Clients need to be able to find you online, whether this is through a Google search or on social media platforms. In this way, your branding and your website should be tied to popular search terms and the specifics of what you offer. 

If you are a life coach, you do not want to be tied to football coaches, etc. You will need to be specific with who you are trying to reach in order for Google and social media platforms to be specific with who they send to your business. 

What Are Some SEO Strategies for Coaches?

Putting Yourself Out There

Generate buzz on social media, interact with others, make them say your name online. These are all super simplified taglines of advice, but they make a powerful impact on SEO that will go much further for you than cut and dry keyword research. 

Because coaches are so often buried in search engine page results, coaches uniquely need to hustle for name recognition and brand recognition. 

By networking and getting involved in the community in which you are trying to access, you will be able to generate page clicks for your website. This action tells Google that people are interested in your website which will be influential for your SEO. 

Some of the actions that you can take include partnering with other coaches, guest blogging on other websites, blogging, and using social media more. 

Adjust Your Website to Reflect What You Offer

This tip can get pretty involved and might mean that you need to change quite a bit about how you market yourself online. 

Unless you are an already widely known individual by your first and last name, your name is not enough to show up in search engine results as a coach. You will need to add who you are and what you do to just about every section of your website. 

We understand that you might not want your website to look like it is selling something to people, but you are selling a service to people and it should be clear. In this way, Google can recognize that your content addresses what people are searching for online. 

Take some time, rewrite some copy, and proudly tell the world that you are a coach and you sell coaching services. Your clients will be more familiar with what you do and what your story is and you will see benefits in your SEO! 

Provide Quality Content on the Matter

We hinted at it in our introduction but Google and other search engines are starting to push more content that is considered “useful” to searchers. In this way, you might want to consider adding a blog to your website and establishing yourself as a credible source in your community. 

This can actually do a lot more for your brand than you might think. Blogging about topics in your field of expertise can help you to: build trust with prospective clients, boost your SEO, increase web traffic, and also give your brand authority. 

Visualize Your Ideal Client

This aspect of SEO is often overlooked. You should know who you are trying to reach online and who you are wanting to sell your product to. By creating an Ideal Client Profile, you can also help to focus on blog topics and social media posts that align with their interests. So, who is your ideal client?

  • What gender are they?
  • What age range are they?
  • Are they poor or are they rich? What about the middle class? 
  • Where do they live?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Are they interested in what you are coaching or do they not yet know coaching is what they need?
  • What do they like to do in their free time?

These things may not seem like they are super impactful, but these questions are crucial to building a brand that is direct and optimized for the online world. Once you have created this profile, you can then try to tailor your content around accessing this person. 


In conclusion, SEO for coaches is different from what others have to do for SEO. However, these changes that you are making to your brand in order to optimize your business for search engines will likely have amazing results for you. Adjusting these pieces of your coaching business for search engines will help you create a more relatable and recognizable brand image. 

We hope that you learned about how to add search engine optimization to your content to see success as a coach online. Let us know in the comments if you have any further questions!

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