Semrush vs. SpyFu: Which One is Best?

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Implementing SEO best practices into your content and websites is best done with the help of an online tool. These tools can help to expedite a lot of the grunt work of SEO, but some tools are more trustworthy than others. Semrush is one of the best SEO tools on the market, but what about Semrush vs. SpyFu? 

Both SEO tools are well-known for their ability to complete competitor research tools. In addition, both tools are very popular within the industry. You may have heard of one or both of them, in fact. Despite their reputations, there are more details that you should know before you sign up for a subscription. 

This article will serve as a guide to help you decide between Semrush vs. SpyFu. We hope to provide a clear picture of the differences and similarities between these services. This way you can decide which of the two is the best tool for you and your SEO needs. 

Why Do You Need Semrush?

Semrush is widely considered the top of the line SEO service. As a veteran in the digital marketing industry, most digital marketers and SEO consultants know about Semrush. Many of them are likely familiar with using the service personally. Because of this, Semrush often gets recommended to those looking for an SEO tool as a default. 

With its many services, Semrush is used for more than just competitor research. Semrush is a jack of all trades, with a hefty database for keyword research and more features than most of its competitors. 

Semrush is also popular among large and small businesses alike. Mom and pop shops and Fortune 500 companies alike use Semrush to help increase their online visibility. 

What Services Are Offered by Semrush?

For those that are familiar with Semrush, it will not come as a surprise to you that Semrush has too many features for us to list here. Instead, we’ll break down Semrush’s many features down into categories based on their importance. 

Competitor Analysis Features

Semrush has four features that are specifically designed to analyze a competitor’s website, their ranking, and their keywords. These tools are one of Semrush’s greatest assets. They are especially useful for those who are not sure who they are competing with in their corner of the market. Semrush also offers the ability to check which websites are your competitors in the search engine results pages. 

Keyword Research Features

Semrush is most well known for their keyword research features. Of which there are six total tools that you can use to perform your own keyword research. Semrush hosts one of the largest search engines for keywords with over 22 billion keywords on file. 

Their Keyword Magic tool is what most people associate Semrush with. The Keyword Magic tool will return keyword results including the current visibility rankings and search volume. For those who are just starting out with SEO, you are sure to find value in the Keyword Magic tool. 

Content Marketing Tools

The content marketing tools are a great asset to those who push a lot of content on their websites. Semrush offers readability scores and SEO scores for written content that you input into their tools. In addition, there are a variety of marketing templates that you can take advantage of in this area of Semrush’s services. 

And More…

Other features that Semrush has to offer include: PPC advertising campaign tools, local SEO features, and link building recommendations.

Now that we’ve discussed the features of Semrush, let’s get into our discussion and analysis of SpyFu and its services. 

What is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a marketing industry leading service that helps with analyzing competitors, data, pay-per-click ad analysis, backlinks, and keyword research. Like Semrush, SpyFu has multiple features within its primary service for you to choose from. These features are geared toward informing the consumer and helping them with SEO. 

It is known as a robust set of tools and a data empire which is able to help you with your SEO analysis. Despite its popularity, SpyFu has the reputation of being a budget option in the space for online marketers. 

The service is also well-known in the industry and has large clients such as Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Twilio. 

What Services Are Offered by SpyFu?

Competitor Analysis Tool

SpyFu’s competitor analysis tool provides an in-depth look at your competitors to help you gain key insights. The only caveat is that you must know your competitor’s website domain in order to find this information. Despite this, you will see their SEO data, monthly pay-per-click ad clicks, backlinks, and their top pages. 

Keyword Research Database

The database that SpyFu hosts for keyword research is not as robust as the search engine that Semrush has to offer. Basic keyword search information can still be found through SpyFu and the tool is still useful. Of note, SpyFu’s keyword research data is limited to only the United States and the United Kingdom. 

These key features offered by SpyFu are still very useful, but they are outshone by the capabilities of Semrush. However, these considerations are not the only issue at hand when selecting a tool. Let’s move onto pricing. 

How Much Do They Cost: Semrush vs. SpyFu?

Semrush is a very helpful tool for SEO. It offers more features than just about every other SEO tool currently on the market. Because of this, Semrush has a higher price than other SEO options.  Starting at $119/month depending on the tier, their prices may preclude them as an option for you. 

SpyFu on the other hand, starts at just $39/month depending on the tier. This pricing makes them considerably cheaper than Semrush. Depending on your budget, this pricing difference may be what helps you to make your decision between the two services. 


To conclude, both tools have value behind them and your individual decision may depend on your SEO needs. Budget is another consideration that you should take into account. For some, Semrush may seem like a no-brainer. However, not everyone can afford to make the investment into Semrush. 

If you need more help with your SEO and want personalized advice for your brand or business, you might want to consider reaching out to an SEO consultant or marketing agency. Not only can these professionals help you with your SEO, they can help to coach you in SEO and decide between Semrush vs. SpyFu. 

Agencies such as Makarios Marketing offer free SEO consultations to help simplify your SEO. Please feel free to reach out for a free call if you are interested!

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