Why Your Business in Glendale AZ Needs Local SEO

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Business owners have a lot on their plate. Oftentimes, marketing tends to fall to the wayside. One of the top ways in which local businesses can struggle with competing in their markets is by not keeping up with digital marketing. The business landscape in places like Glendale, AZ can be quite competitive. So, how can strategies like local SEO help you to stand out? 

In this article, we will discuss both local SEO and the need for businesses to have it. We will go into the reasons why Glendale, AZ businesses need SEO. We will also cover which industries can benefit from it the most. Let’s get right into it!

Why Do Local Businesses in Glendale, AZ Need SEO? 

In general, local businesses need SEO in order to thrive. People make recommendations less on word of mouth and don’t rely on paper directories or phone books anymore. Now, we turn to Google when we are trying to find products or services nearby. 

These businesses are not just construction companies, clothing stores, or grocery stores. They exist in a very specific location. When people are trying to search for these things in their area there is the tendency to expect Google to show them results for things nearby even when they omit their location from the search. 

For places like Glendale where competition is stiff, there needs to be clear cut local SEO performed on websites and web content. 

As well, Glendale is uniquely situated as a center for business in the middle of the Greater Phoenix Area. This location means that Glendale businesses can benefit from being noticed as a Phoenix business, but they need to also label themselves as specifically being in Glendale. 

How Can I Add SEO to My Website?

Adding SEO to your website can be a bit complicated. You see, search engine optimization is not just one strategy. Instead, it is a set of strategies that can be implemented to help improve page ranking.

You might think that keywords are all you need for SEO, but it is actually a bit more complicated than that. For local SEO, however, the first step should be to ensure that your city name and area  is clearly stated in your content. Like we mentioned, you are not just a business. You are a business in Glendale, AZ. 

To achieve local SEO this must be plainly stated and clarified through your content. This is really the first step to local SEO. The rest of the process will depend on your individual website. Some websites need more work for search engine optimization than others. 

If you don’t know where else to make changes to your website, we recommend consulting with an SEO expert. Some agencies, such as Makarios Marketing, offer free strategy calls. These calls can help you to get a clear idea of what you should do next to continue to optimize your website for local SEO. 

What Kinds of Industries in Glendale AZ Need SEO?

  1. Construction and Contracting

Construction and subcontracting is a major industry in Glendale, AZ and Phoenix at large. As the area is constantly under development and expanding to add new housing options, there are a number of contractors and companies that are willing to work all across the Greater Phoenix Area. These jobs can be extremely competitive and construction is slower to digitize than other industries. 

At the moment, there are zero construction companies that show up on the front page of Google when “construction company glendale az” is searched. You can be the first! Reach out to us at Makarios Marketing now. 

  1. Education

Universities, community colleges and school districts are in great need of SEO to help them stand out against other education options in the Greater Phoenix Area. In order to draw attention to the outstanding education opportunities in the Glendale, AZ area, local SEO is needed to show up in Google search results in relation to both Glendale and Phoenix. 

Glendale Community College does not show up in searches for schools in Glendale, AZ. You can get ahead of your competition through optimizing for local SEO now. 

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare, including mental health care, is very saturated in the Greater Phoenix Area. There are so many doctors, counselors, pain relief specialists, and chiropractors to choose from. With local SEO, you can help those in Glendale, AZ find you easier. This will help you to increase the amount of clients you get and maybe recruit some clients from outside of Glendale. 

Do Agencies Help With Local SEO?

As a matter of fact, we recommend that local businesses turn to the experts to learn about local SEO. We understand that not everyone wants to outsource their marketing. But have you ever considered asking an expert for advice to DIY your SEO? At Makarios Marketing, we are an agency that believes in coaching. 

If you want to be responsible for your own local SEO but don’t know where to start, consulting with an expert is a great option for you. These consultations can even be free in the form of a strategy call

On the other hand, there are business owners who are interested in outsourcing their SEO. Especially in this case, a marketing agency or SEO expert can be helpful to you. 

Digital marketing can take up a lot of your valuable time. Handing this work off to a trusted expert who can make improvements to your content without the hassle is a double win. You will see improved search engine result page rankings and have more time on your hands. 


In conclusion, local SEO is essential to local businesses, regardless of their size. Companies need to be able to be visible online in the areas that they serve. For Glendale, AZ, this is especially true. Businesses in Glendale are not just competing with other Glendale businesses. Instead, they are also competing with the entire Greater Phoenix Area. 

If you are a business owner in Glendale, AZ and you are interested in making improvements to your local SEO, you’ve come to the right place. At Makarios Marketing, we help land companies on the front page of Google. Your business will benefit from our expertise in local SEO and our SEO coaching services. 

Please reach out to us for a free strategy call so that we can help you with your local SEO!

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