5 Organic Link-Building Strategies for eCommerce Sites

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Link building is an integral part of offsite SEO that involves obtaining links from external sources. The goal is to have other websites link to yours, even if a webmaster is unaware of them. It can be a time-consuming process, but one must be aware of the strategies used to generate natural backlinks online.

With that said, here are five effective strategies to build organic links to your eCommerce website:

1. Create a Professional Network

To begin a link-building campaign, start by reaching out to the companies you are already connected with. These could include stakeholders, business partners, customers, and other companies you collaborate with. If these companies have an online presence, you can ask them to link back to your eCommerce website or a page from it. 

Establishing a connection between your and other companies’ websites can positively benefit your business and theirs. Furthermore, linking back to each other’s commercial websites can benefit your rankings in Google. Search engines can recognize the connections between companies in the same industry and highly value them. Reaching out to the companies in your network is the best way to start building quality backlinks.

2. Link to High Domain Authority Sites

Link building for eCommerce websites is not fundamentally different from other types of websites. Quality is more important than quantity, and the backlinks from .edu and .gov websites are particularly valuable. It can be difficult to acquire these backlinks, but it is possible if you invest the necessary effort and time. Additionally, the backlinks should be related to the theme of your eCommerce website to be as valuable as possible.

3. Focus on Advanced eCommerce Link-Building

In addition to the standard method of adding hyperlinks to your store from other websites, there are some more sophisticated strategies you can use to strengthen your link-building campaign further. These tactics require a bit more effort in procuring and keeping track of backlinks, but they can be effective. 

4. Improve Your Technical SEO Strategy

Creating a link-building strategy for an eCommerce website is an important part of technical SEO efforts. It involves ensuring that the website works properly on any device, including desktop computers and old smartphones, and that the pages load quickly regardless of the user’s internet speed. It is also important to check that the website displays correctly on any screen.

5. Do Guest Posting

Guest posting is a method of creating content for an external blog and advertising your products by inserting a link to your eCommerce website. To successfully guest post, you must select a reputable platform with high domain authority and create content that fits the blog theme while incorporating information about your products. This is a time-consuming process, but it will eventually result in higher visibility and brand awareness for your business.


Organic link-building strategies are an essential part of any eCommerce business’s online presence. Various strategies can be implemented to increase the visibility of eCommerce sites in the digital landscape. By using the right combination of these strategies, eCommerce businesses can ensure that their website is visible on different search engine platforms and gain a greater reach.

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