7 Crucial Tips to Jumpstart Your E-commerce SEO Strategy

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Whether your site has a dozen or over 30,000 products, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for an e-commerce company’s success. It increases your website’s visibility, helps you uphold a positive reputation, and creates an excellent user experience. 

However, it can be tricky to know where to begin, especially if you’ll be working on a large website. This step also means balancing increasing website traffic and revenue while meeting the business’s goals. Thus, you must work with professional e-commerce SEO services. 

If you want more brand visibility, this article will enumerate seven e-commerce SEO services-approved tips to jumpstart your strategy.

1. Support Top Business Priorities

This step means pinpointing your top, seasonal, high, and low-margin items, complementary products that increase basket size, and the latest goods. You should also look for inventory that houses products reaching the end of their shelf life or those already in distress. 

From there, you can call e-commerce SEO services to help with keyword research. This process means identifying related phrases and alternative ways users search for solutions. You can also use merchandising and SEO techniques to identify complementary and related products to increase basket size. Moreover, internal links and relevant pages can help the overall category. 

2. Focus On Generating Revenue and Optimize Unit Drivers

You can increase revenue by focusing on products and categories that attract high returns or sales. Let professional e-commerce SEO services analyze the top-performing items on your website. From there, these experts can determine if these items need optimization or refreshing. 

After letting them optimize these items, you can look into marketing calendars to determine what to prioritize. 

3. Align with Your Merchandising Marketing Calendar

A merchandising marketing calendar helps marketing teams and e-commerce SEO services plan advertising spending. It works well with an SEO campaign and can coordinate messaging and tactics from different business units. It can also help determine if organic traffic increases occur because of the halo effect from other channels. 

You can time SEO to capitalize on seasonality, new partners, corporate news, charity events, sponsorships, publications, events, and search volume spikes from marketing campaigns to increase visibility. 

4. Use Words with Traffic but Low Visibility

Using Google Webmaster Tools lets you review search query data to find words driving traffic to your site that ranks outside the top search results. You can move to the first page of the search results by optimizing your landing page, increasing the pages that support the phrase, linking to other pages, and acquiring more inbound links. You should also analyze your ranking content for the query to shape a content strategy. 

Moreover, you can improve a link’s search engine performance by refreshing your page’s content, adding supporting pages, optimizing products, and adding a support article page. 

5. Review Your Email Promotions Calendar

When companies send emails about specific products, the number of users searching for those items will usually increase for a short time. You can drive more sales or leads by optimizing the featured goods for search traffic. You can also examine other companies’ previous emails and use this information to improve your plans to outperform them. 

6. Find Other Ways to Increase Visibility

Employing numerous approaches will help you find all available improvement opportunities. Never concentrate on the areas the merchandising team is working on because you’ll miss some hidden gems and rank low in the search engine results. 

7. Conduct a Site Search

E-commerce SEO means handling different technical aspects, such as website optimization and competitive analysis. You should also set up a site search in Google Analytics and use a third-party solution for fine-tuning.


E-commerce is a complex and continuous process that’s not for the faint-hearted. You can increase your brand’s visibility on the search results by following the best practices and working with professional e-commerce SEO services. 

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