How to Find SEO Keywords for Skin Care

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Skin care is a growing industry in today’s society. As people figure out that caring for your skin is just as important as putting on makeup, the need for high-quality skin care products will continue to grow. However, for skin care brands, this can spell trouble as the industry becomes more and more competitive. In this way, it is imperative to learn how to find SEO keywords for skin care.

In this article, we will go over how to find SEO keywords for skin care and how to implement SEO strategies for your skin care brand.

How to Find SEO Keywords for Skin Care

Keywords are found through a process that is called keyword research. This research has many different possible angles and can be started in different ways. One of the most popular methods of starting keyword research from scratch involves market research.

Market Research

Performing market research is something that you might have already done for your brand or business. This includes finding your target audience and putting yourself in their shoes.

In this way, you want to put together your ideal client. Who is purchasing your products and who needs your products? From here, you can then figure out what these people might be searching for.

Here is a brief list of questions that might help you to figure out who this ideal client is:

What is their gender?

What is their age?

Where do they live?

Who do they identify as?

How much money do they make per year?

How do they like to spend their time?

What skin care products are they interested in?

For example, you might find that your ideal client is a mid-30s woman who lives in the United States and makes $50,000 per year plus. They like to watch skincare routines on YouTube, read books, and socialize with friends.

Because they are in their mid-30s, they are looking for products that protect themselves against wrinkles and the effects of aging.

Keyword Brainstorming

Now that you have this information about your ideal customer, you might be able to take guess what some very broad keywords would be. For example, skin care, wrinkle prevention skin care, anti-aging skin care, skin care for millennials, and skin care for women in 30s.

Make a list of keywords that come to mind when you put yourself in the shoes of these ideal customers.

Brainstorming keywords can be slightly difficult, but you might find some luck with searching these keywords and seeing what kind of content returns from them. This can help to show you if you are on the right track with researching keywords for skin care.

Keyword Search Volume

Your next step in this process should be to see whether these keywords have substantial keyword search volume. This means that your chosen keywords are being searched by those that are interested in keywords.

You will want to choose keywords that have at least some substantial keyword searches to make sure that your optimization is effective. There are many handy online tools that can help you to view the key search volume of any given keyword online.

How to Implement SEO for Skin Care

Implementing SEO for your skin care brand can be as easy as adding keywords into your existing online content. Alternatively, your search engine optimization needs could extend to formatting, website design, and navigation.

There are varying needs of optimization that each individual website may need depending on how much SEO you are already performing. Commonly missed steps in the optimization process include updating image titles, image descriptions, alt text, and meta descriptions.

Ensuring that your SEO for your skin care business is properly implemented can involve a myriad of things. It is also important to remember that you should avoid keyword stuffing or adding too many keywords to a page just for the sake of having keywords.

Ways That You Can Add SEO Keywords

With this in mind, you should focus your keyword optimization in a directed way. These keywords should not be shoved into sentences but rather they should add value to your content. This is because Google devalues websites that misuse keywords and those that prioritize keywords over helpful content.

Keywords should be added to your website’s navigation for ease of access, and they should be added to your product descriptions and sales pages. In addition, you might want to consider starting a blog in order to naturally introduce keywords to your content.

This is a common option for adding SEO to a website in a way that you can easily avoid keyword stuffing. However, this method of adding SEO weighs being time-consuming against being very helpful for the acquisition of website traffic.

The truth is that organic web traffic converts to sales. People need to find your content in order to consider buying it.

An Idea for Content Creation for Skin Care

One of the advantages of having a skin care brand is that you can use blog posts as a two-pronged effort to entice potential customers. On one hand, you can use these additional content pages to boost your own SEO page ranking.

At the same time, you can create blog content that focuses on product tutorials, skin care tips, and how-tos. Interactive articles where visitors can try to determine their skin type or skin care needs can also be effective methods of implementing SEO while keeping your web visitors on your website. 


In conclusion, implementing an SEO strategy for your skin care brand is imperative to the health of your brand. Online visibility and organic web traffic are necessary for sales. In this way, SEO is essential and should be worked on.

If you feel like implementing SEO into your online content isn’t a possibility for you, it might be best for you to consult with an expert!

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